We are a family with seven persons.


Age: beginning of forty









Together we do much things, give the fun in our life a chance and want to show, that this also works without straining the resources of the earth more and more.
How? About this you can read more at the following pages.
Be also part of it.
For suggestions and more questions, you are welcome to send us an e-mail. We are looking forward to this.

What we stand for

To know the main aspects of life, bring them together in harmony and see ourselves as a part of all this – that’s our main objective. There are much things which are connected and it will not give a good result if we only look at one or two of this topics alone. It can just have a good effect and be brought to best if we find the right balance. But if it works like this, we will get the chance for a delighted and fulfilled life. That’s what we like to reach.
For us, this includes:


Energy for life, tasty and made from good products, prepared together with pleasure and eaten with enjoyment and time. We try to do this with:
  • producing food by ourselves and preserve it as an essential part of life

  • reducing products from animals and if we use it, we ensure to know where they come from and know the circumstances the animal lived under, e.g. in a small group, without transport stress

  • if possible, using only products which are produced in harmony with nature and not with using of groundwater pollutant, soil exhausting pesticides and chemical fertilizers



Something to do with sense, to create something good and with this, have an honest base for subsistence. Additionally, to do things by our self or to preserve things to reach our objectives with it. We do all these together and try to help and to learn from each other as well as transport the knowledge for the further and wider use.


For us it means exchange to learn, understand and come closer to each other. The best way to do it is directly, or at least purposefully and with the necessary time to give support and listen closely.


Purposeful movement used to come to proceed, to reach an aim, to stay in contact with family and friends, to do something what is really necessary and all this by using the time to get new impressions and being physically active. We try to:
  • minimise driving by car which means driving as little as possible in the moment and changing the circumstances to do it even less. We think that it doesn’t make sense to move a car of over 1.000 kg with a lot of energy consumption to transport a human with may be 80 kg

  • do long distance travels with a minimized resource consumption by train. This is also more relaxing and the transport itself will become part of the travel with own impressions and experiences

  • travel without plane and cruise trips

  • share the actually still necessary car in the family association

  • have the daily life as active as possible with walking and going by bike (Humans are animals which are made to walk or run long distances – and not to sit down all the time.)


Protecting resources

Means for us:
  • reducing waste

  • saving consumption of resources and energy

  • using things as long as possible, reusing things or better develop them in the way that this is possible and that they hold up longer

  • separate resources from “waste” to enable a real reuse



To buy something means at first to think about whether it is really necessary. If it is necessary we look whether the product is available in a high quality with a predictable long life time and was it produced
  • under circumstances that allow the people which work to generate it to live under good conditions,

  • under protecting of resources,

  • under avoiding pollutions and emissions

  • and at least could we get it with a short way of transport.


To live like written before, understand, listen and read to get information in new fields. Ask questions and in the end build up an own opinion.

Social community

Is not the last, but rather a very important point. Because we like to have joy and laugh. Playing games and making music together.
There are much more points and not everything is possible to write easily under a mark. Bringing all together is most essential, but it is also necessary not to despair on each point.
More details about what we are doing and how we try to do this, you can find under “live at home” as well as under “our tours with the aim to travel ecologically”.

Our future objectives

We have reached many things. Some things are not that easy for us to do. So we still have a lot to try and to change as well as we have a lot of travel aims we like to visit with foreign cultures we like to explore and interesting conversations we like to have. In concrete, we would like to do it in the following steps:
  • Change our energy supply at home for
    • heating
    • electricity
  • Movement
    • further reduce of invidual car use
  • waste
    • more reducing of waste (especially plastic ones)
  • work
    • having a better balance of work to earn money and work to produce food